Recently, has cracked a new way to get into other people’s Facebook account without being detected. This revolutionary online application has been finally created after years of thorough research and experimentation. With it, any person can be able to perform a Facebook hack in a matter of minutes for free.


What motivated the team behind to create such a Facebook password hacker is to provide an easy way to hack a Facebook account. With it, it will be easier for an employer to know if an employee is exposing sensible office data to other people. Moreover, those parents wanting to keep a close eye on their kids’ daily activities can effectively use this online hack tool. Users just need to follow some simple steps and guidelines to successfully perform the hack and start monitoring the targeted victim. Unlike many hack sites, facebrute does not ask the user to download anything. All the hacking process can be initiated from the site itself. The hack works by untraceably creeping into Facebook’s security and has been found to have over 90% success rate.


Facebrute teaches people on how to easily and freely hack into Facebook accounts. However, the purpose of the hacks should be for a wise cause and not for devious means. In other words, facebrute is all about ethical hacking. Some examples can be, hacking a disloyal partner’s account, hacking a child’s account to monitor their online activities, accessing an alleged criminal’s account to solve a crime case, and so on. 


As per, a proper explanation on how this hack works will be a complicated one for those unfamiliar with hacking. Facebrute offers a way to easily hack any Facebook password and access the account without much toil. The hacker only needs to provide the link of the victim’s profile page and the tool will do the rest. For more information please visit


About is an online Facebook password hacking tool. It offers a unique way to freely hack open any Facebook account by following simple steps. The site is safe and user-friendly too. 


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