We often hear people getting a nip here and a tuck there either to enhance their appearance or to reverse the signs of aging or to look their best. Plastic surgery has truly become a buzzword these days.

Facial plastic surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in India that help you restore a youthful facial appearance, correct - signs of aging, physical malformations, injury, disease or birth defects.

Am I a candidate for Facial Plastic Surgery?

Although Plastic Surgery trend is on a rise these days but before taking a plunge you need to decide if you are a right candidate for the procedure. First of all ask yourself, are you going under the knife for yourself or you have to fulfill someone else’s desire or you just wanted to follow the so called “trend”??

If that’s one of the situations then for sure you are not a candidate for facial plastic surgery. Neither can you anticipate having altogether a new face with your facial cosmetic surgery which is very unrealistic to expect. Thus you need to make a careful decision before you opt for any facial plastic surgery procedure.

You are certainly a candidate for facial plastic surgery if:

  1. You are considering plastic or reconstructive surgery because you want to correct any physical anomaly or you want to enhance your appearance but have realistic expectations from your plastic surgery.
  2. You have discussed your goals with the plastic surgeon and have resolved plastic surgery related concerns with your surgeon
  3. You have understood the procedure well and its associated benefits and risks.
  4. You do not smoke or commit not to smoke 6-7 weeks before and after your surgery
  5. You have a stable weight.

What all procedures does a facial plastic surgery entail?

A facial procedure comprises many procedures that may be done alone or in combination with each other. The main facial plastic surgery procedures are:

Brow Lift Also known as forehead lift, a brow lift elevates eyebrows and area above eyes to give face a youthful appearance. The surgery tightens loose skin and wrinkles on the forehead and gives face a completely new fresh look.

BlepharoplastyA blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery dramatically changes the look of eyes by removing excess skin from upper eyelids or fat pouches under the eyes or both combined together. It also corrects oriental or Asian eyes by making them look bigger. The procedure gives face a rejuvenated appearance if combined with other facial procedures such as facelift or rhinoplasty.

Chin/ Cheek AugmentationChin/Cheek implant surgery enhances facial features by inserting implants in the chin and cheek areas. The procedures are performed alone or in combination with other facial procedures such as facelift or blepharoplasty with the aim of providing harmony to facial features and make them look stronger.

FaceliftMedically known as rhytidectomy, a facelift surgery reverses the signs of age, gravity or genetics by rejuvenating lower 2/3rd of face and may also be combined with brow lift or rhinoplasty to give face a completely new fresh look. Some other non surgical procedures that can be added along with face lift are botox and dermal fillers.

Lip Augmentation — The procedure adds volume to upper and lower lip by use of various material that help plump the lips thus making them look more aesthetic and youthful. 

Ear CorrectionCommonly known as Ear correction surgery, Otoplasty corrects mal shaped or prominent ears by changing their shape or reducing the size of large ears.

RhinoplastyIt changes the size of the nose or shape or tip of the bridge of the nose. It is also known as a nose job or nose correction surgery.

Facial and Neck Liposuction — The procedure helps sculpt the face by removing excess fat. It may be performed along with a genioplasty.

How much does a face cosmetic surgery cost in India?

Although the precise costing of facial cosmetic surgery cannot be made as it depends on how many procedures you want to undergo but the estimated cost of facial plastic surgery in India is for sure a fraction of what you would pay for facial cosmetic surgery in UK or USA or for that matter any other western country.

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