Since the launch of the Pretend Organic Play Food Set on, Her Pow (the company that produces and distributes the toy food) has announced that they currently cannot keep up with the demand for their educational toy. Because of the spike in sales of the organic pretend food toys, Her Pow issued an announcement that they intend to make serious reforms and changes in their current distribution and manufacturing processes. The healthy toy food set was designed to help young children (3 and up) learn and adopt healthy eating habits while having fun. Featuring a custom United States design and high-quality plastics, the Healthy Choices Pretend Food Set is produced to be safe, long-lasting, and playful.

The education toy foods support interactive fun fact food labels that educate young ones on their food choices selected while playing. Featuring many pretend plastic food pieces such as organic canned vegetables, eggs, chicken, milk, fresh bananas, and fresh vegetables, the set includes 125 individual pieces in total. Furthermore, the identifiable foods include donuts, fried chicken, pizza, and hamburgers that assist children in identifying and making healthy and organic food choices as opposed to unhealthy decisions.

Her Pow will have to increase their factory production quantities while reducing production time as well as kick-start their distribution process to keep up with high demands from satisfied Amazon customers. Elsie Murphy, the spokeswoman of Her Pow, noted, “... we’re running out of the play food sets. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a good problem to have when you compare it to the alternative. But it is a problem nonetheless.” Murphy attributes the increased demand to a spike in the popularity of organic foods as well as societal awareness of childhood obesity. Still boasting a Money Back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Her Pow’s play food set is currently available on Amazon.

There is no definitive date when shoppers will see an increase in production; however, it is likely that Her Pow will likely soon be out of stock on Suited for all children 3+, the healthy food choices childrens play food from Her Pow arrives at buyers' doorsteps in a 1.9lb box. It is currently purchasable on Amazon for $24.99 with free shipping on all $49 purchases.
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