Faisal Khan plays the perfect Ghost


An unlikely visitor has been keeping the cast and crew of Maharana Pratap up for nights. The three ranis on the show have been experiencing some supernatural occurrences that has scared them all. Now before you let your imaginations run wild, here’s the complete story.


The sets of Maharana Pratap is located on the border of Mumbai and Gujarat, in a place called Talashree. The cast and crew have their accommodation set up near the set to save on time. Lately, the three ranis have been hearing voices and footsteps of someone walking in the corridors. The sound of ‘payal’ has scared everyone the most. But here comes the twist. The naughty Faisal Khan is the person who’s behind all this. Faisal’s room is situated in between the ranis rooms. At night he sneaks out and plays the perfect ghost making chill run down everyone’s spine.




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