30, December 2014: The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has launched an awareness campaign with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to warn travellers heading for the slopes this winter to take out suitable insurance. This could consist of an individual policy or a family holiday insurance policy, but the important thing is that it is a dedicated policy for winter sports.

Astonishingly, it claims that the number of people who will not take out suitable cover will number in the hundreds of thousands this year. This comes following its recent research that found that one million people will go skiing or snowboarding this year but that 29% of them will not have adequate cover.

Injuries incurred while taking part in winter sports activities can lead to huge medical bills if travellers do not have an adequate individual or family holiday insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover winter sports.

The ABTA found that the most likely travellers to go on a winter sports holiday are the under 35s, but it also found that they are the least likely to take out winter sports insurance.

Younger travellers are less likely to take out insurance for other types of holidays as well, according to the ABTA. One of its studies shows that for those aged 16 to 24, almost a fifth think that travel insurance is not necessary.

Many travellers wrongly assume that the government will cover treatment, or that insurance is not needed because they have an EHIC card. However, although the EHIC will provide cover for state level care in European countries, it does not provide the same cover as a dedicated travel insurance policy.

Another (slightly more obscure) group of travellers is also being warned about the dangers of not having suitable insurance, and this could affect families this winter. Many families choose to visit Lapland to see Father Christmas, and they often go on reindeer rides and do other activities like snowmobiling. Experts warn that they, too, need to ensure they have organised appropriate family holiday insurance to covers the activities involved.

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