Southampton, UK; 03, October 2016: The matters related to family law and divorce are often complicated and sensitive. This is the reason why the family law solicitors have decided to offer a free half hour legal consultation to a new client, seeking their valuable advice in such complex matters. The solicitors can offer their free consultation at their offices in Salisbury, Southampton, Poole or Winchester. One needs to call them or enter the basic details online to fix the meeting at any of the above offices.

The solicitors have an extensive knowledge of the family law UK and they can suitably answer to the client’s all queries in half hour. The client can be more informed after the meeting to make a sensible decision in the legal matters of marriage or relationship. With their prudent family law advice, the solicitors allow clients to find the best way forward to lead a happy and trouble-free life. They deal with a variety of issues under the family law, such as living together, marriage, civil partnerships, separation and divorce and other related matters.

As trusted family solicitors Southampton, they offer their free advice for the dispute resolution in different family law matters. According to a senior solicitor of the law firm, they offer a range of options to resolve disputes without going to court and with a non-confrontational approach. He states, “If both the partners are mutually agreed to resolve the issue between them, we avoid taking the matter to the court. It saves time and money and also keeps both parties away from several kinds of hassles.”

However, they pursue cases under the UK family law in matters where it is difficult to amicably resolve a family issue. With their knowledge
and experience, the family law divorce solicitors endeavor to get the best legal respite for their clients. The solicitors are available for a free consultation to guide clients in the matters of marriage and divorce and get them the legal solution they deserve in their case. For booking a free half hour meeting with them, one can visit the website

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Trethowans is home to an exceptional team of Family Law Solicitors, skilled in all aspects of family law. From cohabitation and marriage to separation and divorce; finance and children arrangements, they provide trusted legal advice on a wide range of family law matters. The Family Law Solicitors Team is recommended by experts in Chambers & Partners; the Legal 500 and by a number of clients and colleagues throughout Salisbury, Southampton, Poole and Winchester.

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