08, December 2014: You love football — and especially fantasy football. The thrill of controlling your own football team, is an adrenaline rush. You can choose your dream team of athletes and compete against friends, family and strangers from all over. The ultimate fantasy football dream — you win! 

But to win, you need to be a combination of a business savvy general manager, a knowledgeable pro scout, and a strategic head coach. You spend countless hours researching stats, combing through mountains of player and team data, and reviewing matchups for the upcoming season. Finally, draft day arrives — you feel confident that you have done your thorough research, but somehow you fall short. 

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Receiving this fantasy draft kit will give you an advantage over the competition, and will give you the knowledge and details important to winning your league. Not only can this kit help you in the draft, but it can help you throughout the season in managing your team.