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FAR Botanicals® has created a natural moisturizing serum for hair that can also double as a luxury hair fragrance. Tapping into a developing beauty trend, perfumes for hair, FAR Botanicals takes its new hair conditioning serum, Verde Oil Supreme, and gives customers the ability to transform it with the selection of an optional artisan scent.

Verde Oil Supreme

Following its signature method of relying on a proprietary blend of essential fatty-acid rich ingredients, FAR Botaniclas’ Verde Oil Supreme is a waterless, 100% silicone-free hair conditioning serum infused with prized botanicals like Olive Squalane, lubricating Jojoba and strengthening Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Extract. By choosing from FAR Botanicals’ two fragrance collections: Terra Antiqua (100% natural fragrances) and Art Neuvo (natural fragrances blended with fine aroma molecules) women and men now have the option of adding another dimension to their hair care ritual while also making hair healthier.

Fragrance options for Verde Oil Supreme include: Low Scent which is the serum oil with no fragrance added, Vanilla Narcotique, Cocoa & Rum and Lavender Absolute which are 100% natural, and Blood Orange & Patchouli Musk, Rose Rapture, Temple Hymn and Lilikoi which are blended from natural essences and aroma molecules. Detailed descriptions of each of these fragrances can be found at

Bucking a hot beauty trend, the company has chosen not to use Argan oil in any of its products. “As a guiding principle, we avoid depending on ingredients which are endangered or threatened by over consumption,” says Sequoia Brown, the company founder. “Argan oil is very popular at the moment, but the trees are endangered and in decline and lots of manufacturers are vying for this finite resource. There are botanical oils available in greater supply that work as well and even better so we focus on using these.”

Another problem that Sequoia says is avoided by using more sustainable ingredients is the temptation to include only a fraction of the material in a formula. “Using extremely rare ingredients inevitably leads to adulterated products entering the market. It’s not by accident that many commercial Argan hair and skin oils are diluted with silicone or mineral oil.”

With a focus on health and sustainability above all, FAR Botanicals concentrates on other aspects of product design only after a formula’s ability to treat and reverse dry hair using responsibly sourced ingredients, has been met. Suggested retail price for Verde Oil Supreme is $44 for Low Scent and $50 for all custom fragrances. One bottle contains enough serum to last up to 6 months. The product comes in hand-finished frosted amber and gold bottles packaged in engraved balsa wood boxes. Balsa is a quick growing, easily cultivated crop tree meeting FAR Botanicals’ sustainability standards.

About FAR Botanicals:

FAR Botanicals® (Fatty Acid Rich Botanicals), is a sustainable manufacturer of artisan hair care formulas designed to moisturize and strengthen dry, damaged or fragile hair. Tapping ancestral beautification rituals and combining them with modern innovations in Green Chemistry, FAR Botanicals provides a natural-focused, highly effective alternative to typical beauty care products on the market. FAR Botanicals is suitable for retail in fine salons, spas and luxury retailers. To learn more about the full range of FAR Botanicals offerings, visit

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