Ronks, PA — For years Farmco Manufacturing has provided high quality  cattle feeder  and hay feeders to farmers and ranchers. With a growing product line and a reputation for affordable equipment, Farmco is a great addition to any agricultural equipment retailer.  Farmco is proud to announce that they are actively seeking new retail outlets for their products.  As part of the dealer network, retailers have access to the full line of Farmco products and are backed by warranties offered through Farmco.

The  hay feeders  made by Farmco are built with twelve gauge steel and they are powder coated to protect the equipment from corrosion while it is outside.  Farmco gives consumers a one year warranty on the equipment, in the event that the feeder does get damaged.  The heavy duty cattle feeder, like the 400 series are large enough to allow many heads of cattle to feed at one time.  Because the cattle feeder is on wheels, ranchers can move the feeder from field to field, giving flexibility to the cattle feeding process.  The portable feeder units have adjustable tongues that enable easy hookup to a truck or tractor.

The design of the hay feeders contributes to maximizing the amount of hay that is eaten by the livestock.  The hay feeders include a drain system that helps to keep the hay dry by getting water away from the feed.  The sides of the cattle feeder are slanted in order to limit the amount of feed that accumulates in the bottom of the feeder.  Through maximizing the amount of feed eaten by the livestock, Farmco's cattle feeder helps farmers and ranchers reduce their feed costs.

The equipment provided by Farmco is a great solution for many farmers and ranchers.  By seeking out local dealers, Farmco is attempting to make their equipment available to even more Americans.

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