Brand new Fashion blog by photographer Rhonda Ray hit the web this month. It’s looking to be one of the top fashion blogs on the web for 2014 when it comes to fashion ideas and style for women. She wears chic, street, funky, trendy, classy, afrocentric, you name it she can definitely pull it off. Viewers will always come back for more just to see Rhonda Ray’s outfit of the day. Rhonda Ray has always had an eye for fashion and photography and knows what looks good together in front of the camera and in real life. She has a head full of natural hair that she can style in a myriad of ways and she does just that. Her style, her body and her vision compliments any name brand designer or off brand. She just knows what looks good naturally.

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Rhonda Ray wrote and produced a 10 episode mini web series called “Afro City” on almost no budget and did all the styling for the show ( She’s looking to do another mini web series showcasing different fashion designers, art and music. So if you have fashion designs that you want to see on Rhonda Ray and in her new mini web series, contact her on her blog and make it happen.

Rhonda ray just loves fashion and she delivers it with so much passion on her blog. Her photos pop off the page with amazing color combinations. We’ve never seen a fashion blog stand out so much in one place for it’s fashion. Afrotography gives you life and is so refreshing amongst a sea of fashion blogs. Her blog gives you inspiration and outfit ideas you may have never thought of, that look good.

Rhonda Ray is just a stylist by nature, she knows what works. Everything she wears just pops. Given a little to work with or a lot, Rhonda Ray can and will make it shine. She says “Let her loose in a 2nd had store & she’ll come out with enough ammunition for an eye catching and “Oh so fly photo shoot spread”. We’re convinced that she could make a sheet look good. We look forward to seeing her work with other designers and stylist in 2014 just to see the fabulousness she comes up with. Check out Rhonda Ray and her fashion style at She’s one to watch and remember “we told you so”.

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