Brazil - If we say that the orange Sports Kicks had widely spread the South Africa World Cup, then, this year’s World Cup in Brazil should be the world of colorful football shoes. Most of football fans should have the amazing feeling that the original shoes can be so fashionable. But, there are also some people who worry about that the sports brand design philosophy could not keep up with the fashion trend update rate of the fashion industry. So, someone suggest that people may let Chanel to design football shoes in the near future.

The editor from famous cheap football boots online seller adidas F50 adizero FG Messi said that the black is always the only melody in the field of the football playing ground. However, when the World Cup came to the passionate Brazilian, it seems that the idea of ​​shoe designers are also very loose and these designer could be bold to use flamboyant and dazzling colors dazzling. These colors include the metallic purple, symphony purple, earth green, golden yellow and even variegated lizard fluorescent colors.

“This year’s World Cup is just like a fashion show.” said Antonio who is the former creative director of the Adidas soccer shoes. This director introduce with people that more than 80 % of their cheap football boots for spring and summer wearing are in bright colors and these shoes with bright colors are very attractive by amateurs and young players of all ages. The general sales have very significantly increasing. This year’s football shoes’ design is also considered to be the meeting with the market demand and consumer tastes. Sure enough, Rodriguez who is the representative of the 90 players become shining in this year’s world cup in Brazil. These flamboyant players have become the best endorsement of these colored football shoes.

Of course, the most eye upstage cheap football boots in this year World Cup should be mix football shoes such as left foot blue and right foot pink, which is not unusual in the fashion industry . The character super star Balotelli choose this one pair of this Puma shoe. However, this super star is not able to accept this one up design at first time of viewing. “To be honest, at the first time I saw these shoes, I thought Puma was crazy. However, this is also the main reason why I choose this shoe.”

However, it seems that some football star such as the Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic do not thing that the bright football shoes are good because the bright shoe is likely to cause the concern of referee.

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