A website devoted to providing designer dog collars, pink dog collars , leashes and accessories is now available on the web. Mode Dog is the online dog boutique that offers a wide range of customizable dog collars, Martingale dog collars, leashes and accessories that are all hand made. Using durable, high quality materials such as nylon, the Mode Dog product line is designed for customers who want higher quality collars, leashes and accessories at low, competitive prices.

The dog collars , including the Martingale collars are hand made and are prepared after the order is made. Each of the collars are made from nylon and are built to last. Plus, they are comfortable for the dog and come can be easily adjusted. Many of the collars have colorful patterns as well. The dog collars also come with a metal ring where the leash attaches.

The leashes are also crafted from nylon and are hand made as well. Featuring a quick clasp release, the leashes attach easily to all the dog collars that are made by Mode Dog. The leashes themselves, like the dog collars and accessories, are built to last. The accessories provided by Mode Dog are generally augmentation of the dog collars, usually a flower that is made from durable, yet comfortable fabrics such as nylon. The accessories are designed to augment the collars with beautiful flower designs.

For more information about Mode Dog and the products they provide, visit their website, ModeDog.com

Lauren Schmitt
Mode Dog
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA
[email protected]