15, October 2015: Airwheel electric scooter adopts the most advanced intelligent vehicle technology. It has stable braking performance and strong balance ability, which make riders have safer trips. The creative, unique and fashionable appearance and excellent, reliable performance make Airwheel electric scooter the most popular new transport these days. In order to satisfy different requirements from different customers, Airwheel has launched a lot of series for customers to choose. If riders are considering about which series of Airwheel electric scooter they should buy, the classic X-Series is a good choice.


Airwheel electric unicycle X-Series is the classic series of Airwheel. Among them, the most popular models are X3 and X8. Airwheel electric unicycle X3 is light but powerful. Although it has only 9.8 kilogram weight, the largest bearing capacity of it reaches to 120 kilogram and the max speed reaches to 18km/h. In order to enhance the balance capacity of Airwheel electric unicycle X3, designers set a build-in precise gyroscope inductor inside the electric unicycle. The gyroscope inductor can induct the changes of riders’ center of gravity and control the balance of the electric unicycle according to the changes. Therefore, it is very easy to ride Airwheel electric unicycle X3. What’s more, the appearance of X3 is totally different from the traditional transportations. The unique appearance makes it unique and full of characteristics. The riders of X3 will become the spotlight in the street.


Another popular model is Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter X8. The balance technology of X8 is the most advanced self-balancing technology. The intelligent system it adopts is the newly upgrade one. After upgrading, the reaction time of the electric scooter shortens to 0.03 seconds, which provides more smooth operation experience. The Cheng Shin tire X8 uses has strong power to be steady on the road It allows riders to cross varied terrains and reduce the feeling of bumping.

These two models of Airwheel electric scooter are both suitable for common riders who want comfortable, safe and unique riding experience.

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