In an ever connected world, it's no surprise the way people search for job is subject to change.  The most recent news, announced by leading job search engine Jobs-Top, is that online job searches have no shifted to over 60% of seekers now using mobile devices to try to find employment.

Austin, TX (November 18, 2015) - Job search engines have certainly transformed the way people think of going on a hunt for a new job. Formerly, these searches were something that generally took part on desktop computers, but the fast growing job search engine Jobs-Top (best websites to find jobs( recently announced a break in this trend. The company now states over 60% of job users are using mobile and smart devices for their job searches, and this shift is very likely to continue in this direction.

“As the world's fastest growing job search engine it's our job to follow the data so we can better serve our customers,” commented a spokesperson from Jobs-Top. “We suspected mobile devices were going to come to the forefront in this space, so we've been sure our search engine is very mobile friendly.”

According to the company, their search engine provides many different filters that can help a job seeker find exactly or close to what they are looking for. Highlights include:  breaking down searches by type of job; jobs by US state;  jobs by country; and, of course, unfiltered searches are also available for those curious seeing what type of positions are available in different areas.

Millions of jobs are listed on Jobs-Top, with more being added each and everyday.

Feedback from users has been completely positive.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, “Jobs-Top is a really wonderful website.  I left a freelance position and was looking for something more stable and Jobs-Top helped me find it pretty quickly.”

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