Phoenix, Arizona - Mat Sorensen is shaking up the American retirement account system one lecture at a time.

The Phoenix-based attorney, national speaker, and expert on self-directed retirement accounts is frequently asked to be a presenter in front of large crowds in cities across the United States. "I explain to people that funds in their 401K's, IRA's, and other retirement accounts are being underutilized," he said. "There are much better and safer strategies available to Americans."

Sorensen is one of the most highly recognized and sought after experts in this arena. He authored, The Self Directed IRA Handbook: An Authoritative Guide for Self Directed Retirement Plan Investors and Their Advisors.

The book is an Amazon best-seller and has numerous distinctions, including more than 15,000 sold copies. "I am proud to say it is the most widely used and referenced book in the self-directed IRA industry. It has also been endorsed or used for training by nearly all major self-directed IRA custodians."

Sorensen's strategies focus on using funds from retirement accounts for real estate transactions such as rental and income-based properties. He also strongly encourages participating in fix-and-flip opportunities.

"There is no reason not to use these funds to invest in real estate. Most people have no idea that they can own actual deeded real estate with their IRA's or 401K's. These properties are secured tangible assets. You have total control over all property acquisitions compared to the Financial Services Industry -- which ultimately decides specific stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds to purchase on your behalf. You don't have to just settle for a mutual fund that you can't understand and that has lackluster performance. "

It's estimated that there is currently $25-Trillion in retirement accounts.

More information on using retirement accounts for real estate and The Self-Directed IRA Handbook can be found by visiting www.bossinvestor.com

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