Laguna Beach, California - As masters of business video productions in Orange County at , Fat Box Films has announced their specialization into the field of corporate video production for the New Year. Already having an impressive client list that includes top businesses from Hewlett-Packard to Sony Playstation, Fat Box is thrilled to bring their services to even more corporations in the coming year.

The award-winning company prides itself on working collaboratively with clients and allowing them to retain creative control of projects. As a full-service video production company at specializing in film, HD video, 3D animation, 2D motion graphics, special effects, editing and wide screen design productions, Fat Box will take projects from the idea phase through distribution for corporate clients as well as non-profits and private ventures.

A corporate video can be the difference between an effective marketing campaign or training strategy and one that is unsuccessful. With the help of Fat Box Films, corporate video production at just became much simpler. Companies can now create the right corporate or training video quickly and with the help of qualified, professional design experts who will make the video production process easy for everyone.

About Fat Box Films:

Since 1995, Fat Box has been responsible for high-end visual productions and delivery of animation and creative video worldwide. Fat Box has produced more than one hundred campaigns and more than a thousand video, film, and animation productions. Fat Box guarantees one hundred percent satisfaction with all commercial video production , animations, corporate videos and any other visual products.

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