Laguna Beach, California - Tis the season for New Year's resolutions, and the one on every business's list of goals for 2014 is to achieve greater success. Top creative design company Fat Box Films is achieving that goal for themselves by helping other businesses find success. Their commercial video productions at are one of the smartest investments a company can make and will ensure strong business marketing results. Fat Box is the creator of the many of the top business video productions and promotional animations Orange County at has ever produced, such as Sony Playstation, Logitech, Leap Frog, Shutterfly, Hyatt Regency, and many more.

Fat Box Films aims to impress businesses with their approach to special effects, 3D CG animation and animated motion graphics. With some of the most professional and forward-thinking commercial video productions at ever created for Orange County businesses, Fat Box has shown over and over that they are a professional team to be reckoned with in the commercial marketing arena.

About Fat Box Films:

Fat Box is today's top creative resource for corporate video products at as well as other types of visual media. Since 1995, Fat Box has delivered animation and creative video worldwide to become a leader in video production techniques.

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