Father's day quotes from Zindagi Actors

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Please find appended the Father’s day quotes from Zindagi actors. would request you to share it withh EIKONA Media for father's day story.


“Many parents say their kids are the apple of their eye. But the apple of my eye is actually my father. He's someone whose finger I held to crawl, walk, fall and rise. Even when my dreams took flight, he's been at the back of my mind, offering support and offering encouragement and love. That's my father to me!” — Manasi Salvi  who will be seen as Rhea in Season 2 of Bhaage Re Mann


“My father is my hero. He taught me how to be independent and I owe him my confidence. He helped me believe in myself and always encouraged me to take a leap. He was the best father and a great human being. He lived his life king size and was always willing to help others without any expectations. He has always been my source of inspiration and will continue to be for the rest of my life"—Karuna Pandey a.k.a Padmini of Bhaage Re Mann


“My father was my first hero. He helped make me the person I am today. He has inspired me and of course I aspire to be like him. The kind of life I lead is a reflection of what I’ve learnt from my father.” - Ahsan Khan recently seen as Saad in Paani Jaisa Pyaar


My Dad is my world! To me, he is the most handsome and dashing person and an institution of learning and knowledge. Everything I do in my life is with the goal to make him proud.  He has done so much for me and to date calls me if I don’t speak with him for two days as I am busy shooting. He enjoys traveling and it was his dream to travel the world with my mother. After her passing it is now my dream to take him on a world tour. He has lived life like a King and has always told us to live every moment to the fullest and thank god for the  beautiful journey that is  life. This Father’s Day I would like to wish him good health and a beautiful life ahead and to remind him once again that he is my role model and my hero!! — Chandan Anand a.k.a Raghav of Bhaage Re Mann