Upcoming political drama Shorgul lands itself in a major soup and this time actor Jimmy Shergill has also been dragged into the controversy for his alleged role in the multi-starrer film that is inspired by Sangeet Soam.


Days after a PIL was filed against the makers of the film for spreading communal disharmony and maligning political public figures, 24 FPS Films Production, Shorgul was in for another major jolt that came in the form of a Fatwa issued by Khamman Peer Baba Committee to Jimmy Shergill and the makers.


In a recent development, the District Magistrate has declined screening of Shorgul in all theatres across Muzzafarnagar, Kandhla, Meerut, Bhavani as the film touches upon very sensitive issue and will lead to communal riots.  Now Lucknow and Kanpur have also been added to the list.


Inspite of the Censor Board snipping the words Godhra and Gau Ganga from the film, a PIL was filed against the film by Milan Som from VHP requesting for a stay on the release of the film.


We got our hands on the Fatwa which states that a seasoned actor like Jimmy Shergill has hurt the sentiments of the Muslim community by enacting scenes that will cause unrest in the community through the dialogues and scene depictions. Additionally Jimmy will not allowed to be shoot in Uttar Pradesh and the board will not let the film release in the region and ensure a ban is imposed on the film because of its poor taste in portrayal of the Muslim community


Addressing the Fatwa, Swatantra Vijay Singh, Producer, Shorgul states, “Yes we have received the PIL and the Fatwa but as we have stated earlier our film is a cinematic recreation of various tragic incidents that have transpired in the past. Our film will decode the humanity-intolerance equation in the most non-controversial manner. We want audiences to wake up and not allow themselves to be a slave to bureaucratic fixtures. We believe no one can banShorgul if the population supports films like these.”


Addressing the UP Ban, Aman Sngh, Co-Producer, Shorgul, “We have repeatedly stated the fact that Shorgul is not a depiction of any specific incident or occurrence, but a reflection of what happens in our society, bringing out issues that concern the Nation. Uttar Pradesh is just the backdrop. However this news is extremely unfortunate and sad, we want to question these authorities on why they are particularly stopping the film in specific areas. Are they afraid of anything in particular? Don’t the people of Uttar Pradesh have the right to see what happening in our country! Every citizen has the right to watch this film as the film raises the voice of the common man.”


Jimmy Shergill is currently in Canada.



Shorgul is a national expose that will bring to the forefront subjects that hold contemporary relevance like Kairana, Muzzafarnagar Riots, Babri Masjid and Godhra riots causing a few political feathers to ruffle with elections just around the corner! On one side the common viewers are eager to see this film, although on the other the religious leaders, politicians and so forth have already shown their displeasure towards it.