China - Compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lights, the highly cost-effective solar LED lights have many featured advantages. Generally speaking, the advantages of the Solar Street Light could be mainly divided into following aspects as the introduction of famous China LED Solar Street Light supplier

First, the solar street light adopts the clean and renewable energy. Compared to traditional high pressure sodium lamp, the solar street lights can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. If 20 million street lights are all replaced by solar LED lights, it can reduce the 25.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions which should be the equivalent of 10.3 billion dollars cost of carbon dioxide emissions.

Secondly, traditional AC-powered street lights has the biggest problem of laying the power transmission and distribution cables, which could increase the valuable copper resource consumption. On the other hand, the traditional lighting system requires trenching and tearing up the road. And these street lights cable also the theft criminals¡¯ ideal target. However, the erection of Led Solar Lights will be very simple that is just like a little like a tree planted and people could only dig a hole and then bury it.

Thirdly, the AC power supply efficiency is lower than solar energy about 15 percents that is to say if people want to get the same output power, they should use the AC input with more than 15 percent inputting of the electrical power. And there is the problem of power factor. If there is not compensated for this, it will lead to increased reactive of power grid.

As the introduction of the famous supplier , the biggest advantage of the solar LED lights should be that people should be totally unnecessary to pay electricity bills. The annual electricity fee of one 250-watt high pressure sodium is about 110 dollars and people could not image the electricity fee of 20 million traditional high pressure sodium lights.

On the other hand, the service life of the ordinary high pressure sodium lamp is only 3000 to 5000 hours. However, the service life of the LED solar street life could be up to 30000 to 50000 hours. With the advance and progress of the technology, the service life of the LED lighting product could be entirely possible up to 100,000 hours. That should be unimaginable number for each people.

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