Cheap Android Phones

Currently mobile phone companies are developing smart phones that powered by the android operating system which the best is ranked operating system in the world. These companies are developing stylish, professional and classy smart phones that will attract more customers to purchase these phones. Android phones are becoming more popular everyday because they are highly reliable when it comes to all its functionality. Some of features of android phones include

Carrier:Customers purchase smart phones depending on their carriers and this is the main reason why android phones have a wide target market in the world of cell phones. This helps in coverage of network of the phone which is very important.

4G service:Most of these phones support the high speed 4G network. However, some carriers offer 4G networks which is very reliable because of GPRS and internet for social media enthusiasts and bloggers. This feature has been widely welcomed because people can easily access their emails, notifications and so much more from anywhere and anytime. This network is the fastest network in the world thanks to the android technology.

Design.:Most of these phones are manufactured by different companies. The Lenovo S720 is a Chinese cell phone product but luckily it has the android OS. The most common android phones are either touch screens or have a full QWERTY keypad. The screens have higher resolution making the display screen clearer and precise. S720 model comes in two distinct colors namely, white and pink which is favorable among teenagers and women.

Camera:All cheap android phones differ slightly in their camera make-up. Some have 3megapixel camera while others have the 8 megapixel. For example, the Lenovo S720 has two cameras the front camera which can be used for video call and the rear camera which is used for taking photos and videos.

Software:Most of these phones have different versions of the android operating system depending on the manufacturing company. For instance,Lenovo S720 which is a Chinese corporation has one of the best android OS making it one of the best rated smart phones in the market.

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