California's traffic laws are under a continuous state of evolution as the courts and law enforcement agencies try to keep up with evolving technology. This includes the use of mobile technology, one of the biggest concerns for drivers of all ages. This debate continues to rage around the country and California remains one of the flagship states for harsh penalties being directed at all drivers that receive cell phone tickets. Here is a look at some of the current laws for the use of mobile technology while operating a vehicle as well as the repercussions that a driver can anticipate if they do not fight their cell phone tickets.

The laws involving mobile devices continue to change every single year. Over five years ago when these laws first came into realization, they were only designed to put a halt to drivers that were chatting on their cell phone without the use of a hands-free device. This encompassed checking and sending verbal messages. As technology has continued to advanced, so have the many laws surrounding these mobile devices.

Now, nearly any use of a mobile technology that is not carried out with a hands-free device can result in a ticket if a driver is pulled over. This includes all gaming devices, smartphones, and tablet PCs. These laws also cover more than just conducting calls on these pieces of technology as well. Texting, surfing the internet, or any other use of a mobile device that distracts the driver can result in a ticket.

The base fines and fees for these tickets can be confusing for those that have never received a driving infraction before. Within many counties, the initial fine for a cell phone ticket is listed as $50 or less. This seems like an affordable sum, especially for a ticket that will not put points on the driver's license. Regrettably, these charges are only the start when it comes to the overall cost of a cell phone ticket.

Each county and courthouse is permitted to place additional charges in order to pay for their expenses associated with filing and processing traffic tickets. This could include everything from the processing of paperwork to payments for the notary and guards. Local law enforcement agencies can also attach additional charges for their own paperwork that must be turned in. These fees could boost the final costs of a cell phone ticket well past $150 or more. Each subsequent charge could also double or triple the overall costs of a single ticket.

The moment that a driver gets any ticket while behind the wheel, they should call a local traffic ticket attorney immediately. These specialists offer drivers with the best chance at avoiding these costly penalties and protecting their finances.

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