Perth WA - Keystart Home Loans is owned in its entirety by the Department of Property. It specialises in offering low deposit home loans to first time buyers and others who would not otherwise be granted loans by private lenders. Keystart finance is available for those looking to buy a pre-built property or to fund purchase of land and a construction contract

ERA Report

The ERA report presented to the state government had highlighted Keystart as a major credit risk, and suggested that if the service could be replicated in the private sector there was no need for public provision.

REIWA Response

However, REIWA President David Airey emphasised the important role played by Keystart Loans in assisting those on lower incomes onto the property ladder.

“This is not a role suited to the private sector and specialised lending to people with modest means should remain a government service to help with a stable housing market and with social equity,” Mr Airey said.

Western Australia Buoyant for First Time Buyers

Despite general concern over the dramatic reduction in the proportion of first time buyers in Australia, close analysis shows that the proportion of first time buyers in Western Australia has remained roughly constant for the past six years at just over 20%.

This is in sharp contrast to the other major property markets in Australia. Price rises have made affordability a significant concern for first time buyers.

Although a slight downward trend is now in evidence, that steady proportion of first time buyers in Western Australia has been facilitated by a range of factors, including the mining boom, low interest rates, stamp duty exemptions and government grants for first time buyers.

A Continued Role for Keystart

With continued rises in house prices likely, first time buyers will struggle to enter the housing market. Keystart Home Loans is unique in its ability to provide loans to individuals who are ineligible for credit from mainstream institutions.

Keystart this year passed a milestone: they have now granted loans to 85,000 Western Australians.

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