People’s Republic of China, August 7, 2014: Fibre optics or optical fibre is one of the revolutionary inventions in recent history. Fibre optics has great potential in expediting communication and data transmission. However, irrespective of how advanced a system is, it is bound disintegrate in the absence of proper maintenance. SYOPTEK International Limited is one company that manufactures complete range of instruments that are needed for proper fiber optic cleaning. The Chinese manufacturing firm is exclusively into the production of fibre optic equipment as well as cleaning kits for them. The company even has an online platform, named Fibreoptic Cleanings, dedicated to the sales of cleaning supplies for fibre optics.

Inspection and cleaning of fibre connectors is critical prior to mating. People using fibre optics and the maintenance staffs in organisations equipped with the technology need to be aware of the basic fiber optic cleaning procedures. Cleanliness of fibre optic equipment is essential for good connection between different components. However, cleaning fibre optic equipment is not same as cleaning regular hardware components of daily use. Even slight contamination in the fibre connection may cause failure of the component or the whole system. That is why every fiber optic cleaner of SYOPTEK International is precisely made to clean even microscopic particles, which can cause various problems in optical connection.

Contamination has significant impact on the efficiency of fibre optics. Even minute particles can cause reduce the stability of the communication system built with the technology. Even a microscopic particle that completely or even partially blocks the core causes strong reflection and turns the system unstable. Particles trapped between surfaces of 2 or more optical fibre can scratch the glass. Even particles on the claddings or on the edge of the end-face can significantly degrade optical signal by causing air gap or misaligning cores. So, every fiber optic cleaning kit sold by the online supplier Fiberoptic Cleanings contain all necessary cleaning tools relevant to the component or system.

SYOPTEK International does not only manufacture fibre optic components and cleaners but provides punctual and efficient service pertaining to it too. It ships to more than 250 countries and most of the items are shipped for free. The website Fiberoptic Cleanings offers flexible purchase-medium to clients and prospective customers. Many items are shipped within 24 hours from the confirmation of payment. Thus, delivery takes 2 — 30 days depending upon the distance of the location and customs of the country. Freeoptic Cleanings ships via EMS for standard delivery and via DHL for expedited delivery. Besides bank transaction, SYOPTEK offers flexibility with Western Union.

About SYOPTEK International Limited:


SYOPTEK International Limited specialises in research and manufacturing of diverse range of fibre optic components. It was established in 2005 and is located at Conference & Exhibition South Road in Xiamen. FiberOpticCleaning is the exclusive website for online sales of SYOPTEK products.