03, July 2015: FIDR introduces the easiest method to retrieve data that accidentally are deleted in an iOS device or Windows device. Recovering when an iPhone is stuck in recovery mode has never been easier!

Losing data due to mishaps, hardware issues or software issues can jeopardize ones studies, relationships or even the career. Data and information stored in smart devices are invaluable yet extremely vulnerable. Thus, engineers and scientists have labored hours on hard work to invent a method to retrieve lost data and retain present data securely. As a result, numerous high-end apps and softwares have entered the market. However, a large number of these softwares have fail their users and the once that are successful are mostly unaffordable.

FIDR offers a highly user-friendly solution for iOS devices like iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s, iPad Air/mini 2, iPod Touch and many more to retrieve data when the iOS device is stuck in recovery mode. The advance software FIDR iPhone data recovery supports nine types of text content including contacts, messages, call history, app documents etc. and ten types of media content including camera roll, app photos, voice mail etc. covering a large base of file types that could be highly important to users. The software also offers three exclusive methods to recover lost data: through the iOS device, iTunes and iCloud. Each of these methods is extremely successful and safe. Apart form that, the software also shares details on the latest Apple iOS device releases helping the user to keep updated with the brand. And most importantly users can decide what files should be recovered and what shouldn’t by simply previewing the files on the device and selecting the necessary ones with a mere touch! What else can an iOS user ask for?

The comprehensive article on the FIDR software describes how one could utilize the software to overcome the issue when an iPhone is stuck in recovery mode. The easy to understand graphical representations break down the process to three ultimately simple steps allowing any iOS or Windows device user to get rid of the issue in minutes!

For more information, do not forget to visit the official website at www.freeiphonedatarecovery.com and read the detailed article at www.freeiphonedatarecovery.com/article/iphone/how-to-solve-iphone-stuck-in-recovery-mode.html

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