24, October 2016: FIFA17 launched on September 27th 2016 to much fan fair. The new game has the same FIFA feel that many players have come to love, but has an entirely new engine with the game running on Frostbite Game Engine Technology. which looks to add many new features for the betterment of the game. One thing that has stayed constant is FIFA17 coins. FIFA Ultimate Teams are an exciting way for players to build teams using their favorite players from other leagues, countries, etc. It gives the player to build super teams. To add an element of difficulty FIFA has implemented FIFA Ultimate Team Coins, or FIFA coins. These coins are used to buy players to play onuser’s FIFA ultimate team. FIFA ultimate coins do not usually come cheap and often require a lot of work to accumulate across different platforms. To make it easier FIFACOINSBUY offers large amounts of coins at affordable prices, allowing all players to build their fantasy team. Today FIFACOINSBUY is proud to announce the launch of FIFA 17 Coins & Points. new FIFA coins can be used in the latest installment of the FIFA series and are some of the first and cheapest coins available for the game.

Chief Executive Officer of FIFACOINSBUY Vincent Gilbert had this to say about the new FIFA17 Coins.

The average gamer does not want to sit around trying to get points that are very hard to come across, to make it worse when the user has coins they often feel like they are being cheated because many players cost so much and therefore user cannot get all the players they want. FIFACOINSBUY launched in 2013 to correct that, since then we have become a powerhouse in the FIFA gaming world. Our coins are real and we stand by having some of the cheapest prices . FIFACOINSBUY employs staff to create the coins themselves, over 1 billion coins are generated this way. With FIFA17 now out we wanted to make sure that early migrators could take advantage of the game's full potential. We have received huge praise from users around the globe over our exceptional service. We look forward to serving customers in the FIFA world for years on end.

FIFACOINSBUY sells FIFA coins for all major gaming consoles including PS4, XBOX ONE, PC, and older legacy consoles that run the game. This means all gamers can take advantage of the service.

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