Sydney, New South Wales, Australia — Tapas Senapati, founder of MoodOff Day , announced that the fifth annual MoodOffDay event will take place on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017. The worldwide event asks individuals to turn off their mobile devices for five hours and interact in person with the people around them.

A world of connected devices has given rise to a whole new vocabulary and nomophobia has been proposed as the official designation for the fear of being without a cell phone or out of mobile contact. Typically used in connection with smartphones, it can extend to other mobile devices.

People who suddenly realize they don’t have their smartphones with them often experience significant levels of fear and anxiety that can cause physical symptoms. Nomophobia is also known as cell phone addiction, affects 66 percent of the population, and encompasses an entire range of fears and situations that include:

- Being without a phone
- Low phone battery or running out of power
- Losing signal
- Inability to turn the phone off
- Being unable to go to the bathroom without the phone

The average smartphone user checks their device 34 times per day. Those in the 18-24 age range who have become accustomed to documenting their every activity online are most at risk for nomophobia and it affects an equal number of both genders. For many, communicating through social media is preferable to interacting with others in person, making MoodOffDay especially important.

Among adult populations, studies have shown that 65 percent sleep next to their phones and 34 percent have even responded to their devices during intimacy. A survey by TeleNav showed that in the U.S. people would rather give up sex, showers and alcohol rather than their cell phones.

The fifth annual MoodOffDay continued to raise awareness of cell phone addiction and asks people of all ages to turn off their mobile devices for just five hours on Feb. 26, 2017 to reconnect in person with friends and family. In many ways, technology has made the world smaller but it may have been at the expense of the essential human element. MoodOffDay offers an easy way to re-establish face-to-face interpersonal relationships.

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MoodOff Day is a non-profit organization founded by Tapas Sanapati to inform and educate people about the potential dangers of smartphone addiction. The annual Moodoff Day event has expanded to include individuals, businesses and corporations in more than 20 countries. The organization maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter

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