Huntington Beach, California — Fighter Girls is pleased to announce new competition opportunities for women. Fighter Girls will be keeping its fanbase up to date with new competitions scheduled on their website. Now, women interested in women’s MMA or mixed martial arts will be able to find them in one convenient spot- at

Because women UFC fighting competitions are not advertised as prominantly as men’s, it can be difficult for fans of the sport to find information on these matches. Even women UFC fighters may have difficulty finding matches. To solve that problem, Fighter Girls offers this information in one handy spot- on their website.

Upcoming competitions include:

- August 3, 2013—US Grappling Rochester in Webster, New York. This points tournament is open for men, women, over 30s and youth between the ages of 4 and 17. Competitors can register online in advance or on the day of the tournament.

- August 3 and 4, 2013—The Lone Star State Jiu Jitsu Championship in Duncanville, Texas. The Lone Star State tournament is conduction under a federation system that unites tournament leagues under standardized grading and rules. Individuals wishing to compete must adhere to established tournament guidelines.

- August 10, 2013—The Washington State Grappling Championship in Seattle. Offering both Submission (No Gi) grappling and Jiu Jitsu (Gi) divisions for all skill levels. No organization affiliation is required to register for this competition. Double elimination will be used and Expert Division winners will be eligible for custom championship belts.

- August 24, 2013—The Women’s International Grappling Championship in San Diego. This is the second annual WIGC, an all-female event offering No Gi and Gi divisions. Double elimination provides a large number of matches for all competitors.

Fighter Girls not only promotes the participation of women MMA fighters in competitions but also offers a full line of women’s athletic gear that includes women’s surf shorts, women’s yoga gear, women’s leggings, and women’s capris. All women athletic attire and women’s active wear sold through Fighter Girls meets the highest possible standards in quality and design, including women’s Suplex and women’s Lycra shorts, leather boxing gloves and other gear.

Fighter Girls is dedicated to supporting women in mixed martial arts and other combat-based sports and competitions through offering information, clothing, gear, news and networking opportunities. Fans of women’s MMA are encouraged to visit the site today to find new competitions and clothing for participants.

About Fighter Girls:

On May 6, 2001, Debi Purcell, a professional MMA fighter, founded Fighter Girls to promote the participation of women in martial arts and combat sports. Fighter Girls is dedicated to the women who participate in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling or other combat sports. Fighter Girls also provides a place for television and movie producers to find quality female fighters as well as a place to find women’s MMA gear for sale.

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