Richmond Hill, Ontario: October 24, 2013: A pioneer in claim vendor management solutions with over 30 years of experience, FileIns has created their benchmark Claims Vendor Management System that has significantly changed the competitive landscape with regard to selecting, appointing and managing vendors and key suppliers. It today announces the launch of their Investigation FileIns vertical.. With the help of their uniquely designed system, claims handlers and defense counsel, can now electronically transfer files to investigators using a single, PIPEDA compliant platform. This will allow Claims and HR executives to objectively monitor performance, compliance and financial accountability, in addition to improving efficiency and promoting timely closure. 

In announcing the release of its nvestigation vertical, FileIns maintains its philosophy of listening and responding to what customers want-not telling them what they need. “Insurers and HR Professionals wanted the ability to globally track all of their investigation files regardless of whether the file originated internally or externally, by physical location, line and type of business in a single reporting format”. “We delivered on all fronts,” said FileIns president and former Claims Executive, Judith Kay. Product design and development included insurers and investigators and the result is revolutionary tool that requires no hardware or software purchase in a single cloud-based solution. 

FileIns allows customers to establish KPIs that go beyond financial measures alone, to ensure that they choose vendors that will best deliver optimum results while limiting exposure. Once selected, the tool can be used to monitor vendor compliance and performance against those KPIs on an on-going basis. FileIns combines secure document transfer and collaborative file management, with performance, compliance and financial auditing capability on a single platform with a single sign-in. More importantly, it allows self-administered, customer-controlled, role-based access to files in a paperless, virtual workspace. It is packed with several unique features including multiple languages (English, French and, Spanish), optional assignment rotation, defined security levels, reserve, budgeting, and escalating authorization tracking that make it a premier solution for a global insurance application. 

Insurers and HR professionals have welcomed this new launch as it will provide them with greater control over vendor operations and the ability to identify and respond to trends as they happen -not long after the files have closed. Learn more about this newly launched revolutionary system by visiting their website . 

About FileIns 

FileIns, with over 30 years experience in claims management and developing a Claims Vendor Management solutions now introduces their Investigation Vertical that will help the insurers and HR professionals, to share documents and files in a safe collaborative environment. 

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