18, December 2014: 64 consumers from a total amount of 81 have left the Freddie and Sebbie luxurious stroller organizer a maximum 5 star rating, with many simply commenting on how well made and versatile the organizer is. A number of customers have also revealed their gratitude for the fact that the organizer actually fits their specific brand of stroller, with the majority being top brand name strollers.

Stroller Organizer Bag

The Baby Jogger City stroller has been pointed out twice in current comments. One confirmed client says… “I offered it as a gift to my son and daughter-in-law, who just couldn’t say enough about it. They inform me it fits perfectly on their Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller, in addition to conveniently holding their drinks and mobile phone.” A mother of twins says that this stroller organizer would perfectly fit any stroller, saying she has a Baby Jogger City Select, and signs off as Phil, Ted, and B.O.B.

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Amongst the verified customer comments, another stroller owner states… “Love this! I bought it for my Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller, as it just has one cup holder.” Another similar remark checks out… “I love it. It has the right amount of pockets and was easy to set up on my stroller. I currently have one on my Uppababy Vista and I love it because it’s so well made and roomy, so much so that I just got tired of changing it from my Uppa to my BoB so I bought another one.”

The list of brand strollers continues with Chicco, with one Amazon consumer saying… “Such an excellent item, fits my Chicco stroller perfectly. Loads of room and quite tough. Really delighted!” Another Chicco stroller owner says… “Gets the job done well. I just wish the cup holders were a bit bigger. However, for children drinks it’s great. I can fit a huge Starbucks cup in it without any problems. The very best part for me though is the enhanced sides that provide structure to the item, so it’s not like a drooping bag just hanging there. Lastly, the center Velcro pocket is incredible, and it fits terrific on my Chicco umbrella stroller.”.

The strong stroller organizer fits so well on a Britax B-Agile stroller, according to one mother, who includes… “It also allows me to store a baby diaper bag if needed. It’s convenient as I do not have to remove it when I fold the stroller up.” Another US mother states… “This has actually been a handy addition to our new City Mini stroller. This item holds my cell phone, Bluetooth, 2 beverages, one for Mother and one for baby, in addition to room for keys and light treats. I am really pleased with this product.”.

Official Freddie and Sebbie spokesperson, Mr Neil Speight, says that their stroller organizer is certainly getting the credibility as being a functional stroller that fits most top brand strollers, but if that should ever not be the case, that their refund policy would safeguard any dissatisfied mommy.

For more information about the Freddie and Sebbie line of products, please visit http://www.freddieandsebbie.com For specific information and ordering for the stroller organizer, please visit http://www.amazon.com/Stroller-Organizer-Guaranteed-Accessories-Investment/dp/B00CKYPV08/

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