Soccer is just incredible. It is a fantastic game that millions of folks across the world love. Thousands of people adore football. They are crazy about it. They do what it takes to support their teams. Soccer has a long history of glory and fame! Oh, this sport is mesmerizing, no matter if you are a player or a mere observer. Folks always talk about soccer. In fact, everyone thinks he/she is an expert in soccer. Sometimes, such discussions turn into fights. Well, if you do not want to fight, you need to look for answers by yourself. is at your service.

This website, as its name suggests, is a collection of questions about football. What makes it special is that you will also find answers to those questions. Sometimes, there is more than one answer. Sometimes, answering a questions grows into a discussion. After all, this is what has been created for - to gather football fans who want to share their opinions. is a user friendly site. Everyone can post a question and everyone can answer. Questions can be different. What’s up with Drogba? Or maybe “I’ve heard Shevchenko is playing in the US. Have you?” If you know how to answer these questions, go ahead!

The site has convenient navigation and menus. You can browse most popular questions, view the latest questions posted or try to answer unanswered questions. It is up to you. In such a way you can quickly read all new site content, ask and answer questions etc. Of course, you may answer questions in full, and as said above, there are answers that rather look like analytical articles. Usually, such question-answer pairs grow into discussions. Although sometimes people can not come to consensus, reading such discussions and participating in them is so cool.

In addition, offers various categories. So, if, for example, you want to view or ask questions related to a Spanish championship, you can certainly do so. There are categories dedicated to most popular European championships, Champions League, Europe League etc. As known, there are people who support only particular players and championships. So, such categorization is a benefit for them.

Well, does not stop here. There is also a blog with all the latest news and photos from the world of soccer. The blog is updated on a regular basis. So, if you visit it regularly, you will be informed on everything happening in football, both European and world. Many seasoned bloggers and experts in soccer and sports contribute to the blog. So, you may rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. Welcome to - your reliable friend and partner in the world of footbal.

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