Practically speaking, dresses are divided into two categories: evening dresses and day dresses. For women it is essential to know when and how to wear each of these dresses, on what events and at what times of the day. A lot of pretty dresses are suitable for a daytime occasion, but not many can be successfully worn at a special occasion in the evening.


Certainly, as you well know, evening dresses are intended strictly for important, very elegant events, which require a great outfit. At the wedding of your best friend, for example, your dress must impress through personal beauty and sophistication; this way you will create an ideal business card among the group of guests. So you will be appreciated and admired throughout the party.


Depending on location and time of day, the dress must be chosen so as to favor the woman, to highlight her qualities by the choice of color, material, designs and models. Of course, it matters a lot that the dress should be chosen strictly based on personal tastes; otherwise you risk having some disastrous, shallow image.


When speaking of usual day dresses, it's the same story. What you choose is necessary to be in your advantage in all respects. A dress with a plunging neckline does not show natural or right on a woman undersized from this point of view. It will look vulgar and the insistent looks you will feel will not be admiring, but unkind and critical. Simplicity is the most elegant. Being simple means being elegant, beautiful, refined, and feminine at the same time.


Also, you cannot wear a sequin dress at eight o'clock in the morning. Everyone would look at you and not in a good way. Sequins were made for special occasions, but at a certain time of day, at night or in the evening. Under no circumstances will you be able to show off your shiny sequins and makeup in bright sunlight! You do not want to turn into a Christmas tree, being the center of attention, right?

Unfortunately, we live in a society in which clothing is the key to success, in which appearance is everything. These are definitely the secrets which can improve our lives in most respects nowadays.


Who says you cannot look professional and feel comfortable at the same time? Who says you cannot have a feminine outfit even if you activate in a strict business area? An office outfit requires compliance with a code of ethics, but business and the personal style can be combined in a way pleasing to the eye, taking into account your preferences and what suits you best. Sober does not mean colorless. Formal does not necessarily mean deviation from your personal style. You can wear pretty dresses at the office and you can still look professional.


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