As seasons change, so do trends. Find out the ten most popular oil paintings for this fall, according to research from!

Continuing their annual tradition, popular online art retailer has announced the top ten artworks for the 2016 fall season. The consistent quality and variety that we've come to expect from the online gallery is apparent, combining a selection of new images with some old favorites from years past. The fiery color palettes and timely subject matters of the curated picks make them the perfect fit for current trends in home décor.

Their staff has analyzed data from thousands of customers to determine which artworks top the charts this year. For the second year in a row, Vincent Van Gogh's "Mulberry Tree" lands at number one. Filling out the list are artworks from other beloved names including masters of the Vienna Secession Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, American Realist Edward Hopper, and several works by contemporary artists Pol Ledent and Justyna Kopania. Take a look at the Top 10 Infographic and read on to find out more about each piece:

1.    The Mulberry Tree, 1889 - Vincent Van Gogh In early October 1889, Van Gogh was living in an asylum and painted this tree on its grounds. When describing this mulberry tree and the time he painted it he seemed happy. In fact he wrote to his brother Theo that he considered the Mulberry Tree his favorite painted work that season.

2.    Beech Forest, c. 1902 - Gustav Klimt As in many of his other paintings - including "Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I" and "The Kiss" - Klimt used a variety of warm yellows, golds, and oranges to make this piece positively glow. The rhythmic repetition of vertical trees, as well as the endless sea of leaves on the ground, are a natural counterpart to his typically rich use of patterns. It was created outside a small town in northwestern Austria, along the coast of the country's largest lake, where he made some of his most famous landscapes.

3.    The Clearing or Edge of the Wood, 1895 - Paul-Elie Ranson A member of the avant garde Post-Impressionist group known as les Nabis ("prophets"), Ranson stood out for being distinctly influenced by Japanese art. This work was created after he had retreated to the countryside in the wake of his father's death, seeking refuge. For Ranson, the forest had a personality that was almost palpable and a very mystical quality about it. Can you see the Japanese influence in the way he paints the trees?

4.    Statue in the Park of Versailles, 1895 - Giovanni Boldini Though known for his portraits of wealthy socialites and significant people, Boldini also made a fair number of pictures similar to this one. It shows classical style existing alongside and as a part of nature, made up of stones elegantly shaped by master sculptors or masons. Consistent with the rest of his work, it deals with beauty - both natural and constructed.

5.    Autumn 45211170, 2012 - Pol Ledent The first of several works by contemporary artists to make the list, this work showcases Belgian artist Pol Ledent's modern take on the impressionist style. A self-taught artist who has been practicing for nearly thirty years, his art continues to grow increasingly popular. The stark contrasts and subtle variations in tone are reminiscent of the earlier Klimt, also depicting birch trees in the fall.

6.    Autumn Landscape, 1885 - Vincent Van Gogh If there was any doubt of his everlasting popularity, Van Gogh's double appearance on this year's list might help put that to rest. His relentless exploration of color theory results in an electric image of the French countryside that's sure to brighten up any wall.

7.    Cape Cod in October, 1946 - Edward Hopper Known for his earnest depictions of authentic American subject matter, Edward Hopper's attention to detail and unique Realist style continue to leave strong impressions on viewers around the world. This scene from rural Massachusetts forgoes the burning reds of our other selections in favor of subtler variations of shimmering harvest golds.

8.    Autumn, 2011 - Justyna Kopania Lovers of Van Gogh's thickly textured brushwork and color pairings will find a lot to like in this contemporary work by Polish artist Justyna Kopania. A consistent top performer among contemporary artists on, her paintings are made with a palette knife for deeply layered, tactile feel.

9.    Autumn Sun, 1912 - Egon Schiele Schiele, an Austrian contemporary of Klimt, is famous for his striking portraits of himself and lower-class women produced at the beginning of the 20th century. This 1912 painting, Autumn Sun, is one of only a few landscapes that have been vastly overshadowed by his figural work. The muted yellow-orange tones and subtle complementary blues give this work the feeling of cool, crisp fall air. The blue element in particular, along with the variation in the leaves, give it some pop and prevent it from being too monochromatic. With stark and precise lines, Schiele brings forth trees with the same character present in his portraits and figure studies.

10.    Sechery in Autumn, 2012 - Pol Ledent As the only artist besides Van Gogh to make the list twice, Ledent secures a place of honor. While other fall-themed artworks often stick to vibrant reds and oranges, Ledent manages to incorporate violet, blue, and green to create a diverse yet unified image. The setting is a minuscule area in southeastern Belgium, surrounded by little other than idyllic woodlands. A dreamy scene that represents some of the finest contemporary representational art.

“By analyzing the visits and purchases of featured paintings on, we are able to cite the most popular works of art that the public is looking for this time of year. These masterworks are a smart gift for friends and coworkers who want to enliven a home, apartment, office or other setting. I encourage people to explore to see the full selection of items we carry,” says David Sasson, CEO of The top 10 list reflects not only the seasonal trends in home décor, but in the art world as well. While they certainly fit well into an autumn theme, these incredible paintings are timeless and can certainly be admired and treasured year-round! For more autumn themed art visit the Fall Art Gallery. Click here to download the infograph for the Top Ten Oil Paintings for Fall 2016!
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