Out of all the types of evening dresses, one shoulder dresses and strapless dresses are the favorite dresses of designers and celebrities who choose them especially on the red carpet. When you choose an evening dress, this kind of dresses can be both sexy and feminine. There are different forms and styles, perfect for almost any body type.


This article will give you some tips on how to choose your strapless dresses or your one shoulder dresses. A strapless dress is difficult to choose, so be careful when you try it on as it should fit you very well. You definitely need a strapless bra that does not slip. You can also try those adhesive strips that stick to the skin and provide support. Because the dress will highlight your neck, wear a stylish necklace on your neck. You can choose different pearls or a simple pendant necklace. But you can also choose the variant with a nice bracelet and nothing around your neck.


The idea is not to wear a lot of accessories. Strapless dresses are good for cocktail parties and semi-formal parties. Although strapless gowns vary in color and material, the shape and structure of the dress are uniform. Therefore, there are some fixtures that can be applied to strapless dresses. The purpose of these dresses is to highlight areas of skin exposed without adding features to distract from the outfit. Necklaces and chains should be delicate and draw attention to the shoulders exposed. Regarding earrings, long ones are recommended because they create the impression of a long neck.


The length of the dress determines the style of the shoes that you will wear. Both long and short dresses fit high heel shoes. You can choose sandals, peep toes or stilettos. They fit particularly well with strapless mini dresses. If you have a classic long dress, choose a simple and elegant, not very tall pair of shoes. You can also wear other accessories, like a bolero or a scarf, in case it will be cool.

Clutches are chic and elegant and very suitable for evening dresses. They are trendy this season so it would be good to have one in your closet. Do not choose a very large one and make sure it is simple in case the dress is over accessorized. Otherwise, make sure your skin looks perfect, especially in the neck area. Do not forget traces of bronze. Do not forget that there is a strapless dress for every woman, regardless of her body shape. You just have to find the right one for you!


Another alternative is represented by one shoulder dresses. They are an option when you cannot decide whether to wear a strapless dress or a tube. Such a dress will surely bring you out in a crowd. It has a touch of elegance and it is very feminine. They are suitable either you go to a party, a wedding or a prom. You can find them in different colors and styles and what's important about these dresses is that you can be sexy without being too revealing. A simple dress without a shoulder made of lace or silk is suitable for this season. The most frequent colors are red, white, turquoise, cobalt blue and black. Be careful with the accessories; wear minimal accessories, a bracelet and some small earrings.


Strapless dresses and one shoulder dresses are two very good choices when you want to be admired and to turn heads.