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Nowadays, people tend to be on the go in terms of overall lifestyle. This means they require carrying a considerable amount of accessories, gadgets, tools, and other such items. For carrying all sorts of stuff while remaining mobile, a tote bag or a Korean bag (called balo han quoc in Vietnamese) offers quite a lot of functionality. This is mostly because such types of bags are very easy to carry. On top of this, they can hold a wide range of items including a laptop, books, wallet, smartphone, stationary, and more.

Everyone from university students to office goers as well as fashionistas can find a tote bag (called tui tote in Vietnamese) or a Korean bag highly useful. This is all thanks to the fashionable appeal as well as usefulness they bring to the table. All in all, these types of bags are definitely “in” and are considered a cool new addition to anyone’s daily lifestyle. As such, for those who require carrying a lot of items on the go, it is highly recommended that they give them a try.

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