A homecoming dance is a rite of passage for every teen-aged girl. Many parents worry about finding homecoming dresses that their daughters will love and that the parents can afford. It is quite possible to find homecoming dresses under $100.

Cheap homecoming dresses can be purchased from department stores, thrift stores or even online. Towards the end of the summer many department stores start carrying homecoming dresses. The closer it gets to homecoming season, the more the price of these dresses is likely to go down. Parents should be vigilant about when their favorite department store puts their homecoming dresses on sale. It is advisable for parents to ask a particular store when their dresses for homecoming will be on sale, as many salespeople will tell them in advance when the sale will start. Salespeople are not likely to volunteer this information, but if a customer asks they will tell.

Thrift stores are great place to find cheap homecoming dresses. Most thrift stores do not run special sales, so it is usually possible to purchase a homecoming dress from them without having to wait for a specific date. Parents should be aware that many thrift stores do not accept returns on items. This means it is important for parents to have their daughter try on the dress before they purchase it.

Finding homecoming dresses under $100 can sometimes be accomplished by shopping online. There are many discount dress stores that carry homecoming dresses. It is also possible to find them on auction sites such as Dressthat.com . This is the riskiest purchase because if a parent needs to exchange a dress they bought online, they might not get the exchange by homecoming time.

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