With the new release of Airwheel A3 electric scooter, a new riding model is added to the Airwheel family. The enriched Airwheel types provide more options for riders. It is wise for riders to choose from the four types according to personal preference and needs. The current four series are designed to cater for people’s varied needs with their own specialties.

X series single-wheeled electric scooter is specially designed for player riders who ride scooters for entertainment and thrills. After all, the single-wheeled design is unique and brings the trend of standing-posture riding. Young people easily fall in love with X series due to its fashionable and stylish riding model. Commuting is a complementary function of X series for those young riders.

Compared with the X series, Q series twin-wheeled electric scooter is more suitable to act as an alternative transport for daily commuting. Because of the twin-wheeled design, the Q series outperforms X series in aspect of stability and riding simplicity. Q series scooter is especially favored by those young female fashion chasers, and it fits the needs of a wider range of groups and is easily applied to varied situations in life.

Airwheel S series two-wheeled electric scooter is labeled as CEO style due to its royal appearances and double built-in intelligent chips that advance the overall performances. S series is suitable for city commuting and functions well as a tool in many working scenes, including the new released S5 which is featured by powerful practical functionality. People who are fond of driving show more interests in S series since the two-wheeled scooter can be controlled like a car yet with more simplicity and flexibility.

Then comes the A3 self-balancing scooter that is a real blockbuster. A3 starts a new Airwheel riding model with its unprecedented sitting-posture design which enriches the riding formats. A3 shares some resemblances with S series in the two-wheeled and stylish design, however, it differentiates from S series in many aspects, including its accessory app for data service as well as long-distance travel capability. Truthfully, A3 self-balancing scooter realizes long-distance travel with energy efficiency and labor saving.

Currently, the four types of Airwheel electric scooters cover varied needs of Airwheel riders including entertainment, commuting, long-distance travel and practical utility. It is no exaggeration that Airwheel riding has penetrated into all walks of people’s life.

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