When it comes to developing new projects, companies that do not have a dedicated IT and software development department find that it’s mandatory to outsource almost the entire work. However, what this leads to is a dependency on the company that takes on the project for us, leaving us little room for a more personal involvement in the project. However, with the help of a big data company we can hire a team of professionals specifically chosen for the project and which will work under us onsite.

                There are many tools and software solutions that can provide a lot of help for a big data company that’s trying to increase its productivity. However, most of the available software is licensed and will require us to make a commercial purchase. While that might not be a problem in itself, the real issues arise when it comes to implementing new features to the software so that it better suits our needs. Because we do not have any intellectual rights over the software we cannot hope to modify it ourselves, and that means that we will be completely at the mercy of the developments of that specific program. But what happens when the program is abandoned and no more updates are being made? Instead of switching from one software solution to another we are more likely to find a more permanent and reliable solution by hiring a software development partner that will help us design our own software.

                Any small or big data company has the option to create its own department and hire its own employees that will take care of specific software development needs. However, the whole process of creating such a department, organizing it and hiring the employees required will take a lot of time. An offshore software development partner will be able to provide us with the same services that we could have a personal team produce for almost half the costs. However, the main issue isn’t that of cutting costs but that of reaching a more desirable result and this depends on the experience and professionalism of the developer team we work with.

                Some of the reported issues that we might have when choosing to work with an offshore software development partner have to do with the transparency of the development process and the intellectual rights over the tools and methods used for creating the software. Furthermore, depending on the location of the offshore company we choose to work with, we might end up working with someone that’s on a different time zone, as different as day and night. How informed we will be of the way in which the project is progressing along will depend on the company we work with. The quality of the work rendered will also depend on the level of professionalism and the training of the developers. In order to avoid such complications it is much more advisable to work with a company that provides onsite dedicated teams. As a big data company that requires software development outsourcing onsite and in-house dedicated teams are the best choice.

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