If you want to get married in one of the most romantic cities in America, look no further than New Orleans. Influenced by its French and Creole history, the Big Easy is full of delicious food, charming neighborhoods, and celebratory atmosphere. However, to plan such an elaborate event from far away, you’ll need help. That’s why it’s important to select the best wedding planning apps to ensure New Orleans wedding venues is a hit!


Wedding venues vary from the elaborate and historical to the laid-back and hip, the large and expansive or the small and intimate. By using apps like iWed to review each venue, you can look at individual photos and read reviews to discover which venue would best for you. If you’re planning your New Orleans wedding as a destination ceremony, this will save you a lot of time and money from having to make multiple trips to the Big Easy to plan your big day!


Some wedding apps, like the iWed planner, have details about each venue so you can better decide which one is the best for you. If a venue includes catering services, or specific types of chairs for the ceremony, those services could be listed under the venue profile. The size of the venue will also be available so you can make sure your guest list will work for the ballroom or hall that you’re considering for your reception. You can even research hotel reservation blocks for your wedding guest or family members if you’ll be having the reception in a hotel or resort!


One of the best features of the best wedding planning apps is arranging your seating chart for the wedding. By using the app to find your dream venue, you can then continue your planning by arranging the tables for your reception. Because your wedding planning app will have details over the size of your venue room as well as number of tables available, you’ll be able to arrange the seating without having to travel thousands of miles to see the room yourself. You can feel confident in your table strategy with a quality wedding planning app that knows your venue so well!


Moreover, using your wedding planning app to plan the logistics of your New Orleans wedding venue will be a perfect way to plan your decor. You’ll be able to envision the floral arrangements, the place settings, and the lighting designs for your reception hall with the various pictures iWed houses of your venue. You’ll also be able to store this information, as well as your dinner choices and reception schedule all in one central location - your wedding app. This is a perfect way to stay organized and motivated while planning your big day.


Want to plan a destination wedding in the Big Easy, but feeling overwhelmed by New Orleans wedding venues choices? Use one of the best wedding planning apps like iWed, to find the best venue choice for you without the cost of a flight!