Day-after-day it seems that another new article rewrite tool is released so people sometimes wonder do they all do the same job. While the rationale is the same - they allow you to modify existing content to create unique articles, they vary in how they actually work.

Various article rewriting software is really intuitive. It has been extensively tested which is continuously updated. The downside is that you may not totally depend on some of the information held in the databases as it may have been input by people for which English is not their initial language. This could certainly mean that you receive the wrong result. You should check what the article rewrite tool has preferred and cannot just have it is correct.

Some tools are made to rewrite the article a paragraph at a time. This is right for some people good as they find it much easier to sum up a complete paragraph in unique words rather than trying to work through sentence by sentence. For other people, it is important that they will often rewrite sentence by sentence as it will give them a little bigger unique score at the end of the exercise. Some software offers an in-built thesaurus which is very reliable when you cannot consider a different way to say anything. Others have an LSI function. You can add in a listing of phrases that would be foreseen in an article on your specific subject area and the tool may then score what you have written against this list. Some people believe, and studies seem to confirm them right, that you have a better possibility of ranking in Google if you use properly themed articles.

No matter what kind of article rewrite tool you decide to purchase, you must take time to discover how to use it. While this may seem such a lose of your resources you will be surprised at the big difference it can be to your performance when you recognize how the tool works.

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