United States of America; 02, October 2015: People are largely dependent on personal transportation vehicles. The number of two wheeler users is far above the four wheeler users. Owing to technological advancement, scooters have also gained popularity as a reliable means of transportation. Firescycle is a well known manufacturer and seller of high quality self balancing scooter vehicles. Those willing to purchase the vehicle are welcome to get in touch with the reliable supplier. It is designed to enhance the outdoor moving and travelling experience of users. This electric scooter is equipped with special lithium battery for complete outdoor recreation.

The two wheel scooter is a suitable alternative to bicycles, skateboards and other vehicles for short routes. It is smaller in size occupying minimal space and portable enough to be carried with hands. These vehicles do not require the users to apply hands in the riding process. The electric smart scooter possesses minimal threat to the environment. Riders can also hold ipods or groceries as these vehicles are known to be lightweight with minimal energy requirements. These vehicles are available in multiple colors to choose from.

Often two wheel electric scooter riders feel apprehensive as it’s not easy to have proper balance. The new riders should maintain a proper posture to avoid muscle pain later. It is important to practice on a regular basis. They should invest in a vehicle which gives a volume alert when the battery needs to recharged. Similarly, it is also important to ensure calculated movement to ensure smooth turn and stops. A proactive approach may help in more ways than one for riders.

A self balance scooter has plenty of features and a value for money purchase. It is equipped with over speeding protection system, low power protection system, and battery volume alert. Advanced lighting mechanism features LED headlights, braking tail lights, etc. An in-built sound alert mechanism is also provided to act as speed, low power and fault live voice reminder. The 2 wheel scooter is known to provide an impressive 35 kilometers mileage and weighs only 13 kg.

The self balancing electric scooter manufacturer has launched a number of models in different series. All the vehicles go through multiple rounds of quality testing prior to being delivered to the customer. Shoppers are getting a full year quality warranty, 30 days refunding, and many other benefits on purchase. Presales and post-sales services are also offered in the purchase of these portable balancing scooters. However, the riders need to be careful of certain things while in use and learn to drive it safely.

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Firescycle is a globally recognized manufacturer and supplier of top quality electric unicycles and self balancing scooter. Shoppers can select models based on their specifications and price form high to low. There is a separate quality control and research development department which takes care of designing, testing and manufacturing processes. Visit the website for information on the products available.