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New Lenox, Il, 11/20/2015 - Today 11/20/2015 the FDA has just approved the very first Genetically modified fish (GMO).
The FDA and the company in which created this monster of fish claims it is perfectly safe to eat.
However James Matthew CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC said "I think this is a crazy idea. What was wrong with the fish in it;s natural state. History has shows including genetically engendered foods, and farm animals such as chickens and cows that are being pumped up with steroids, antibiotics and more. Our farm animals are larger than any other in the world. Furthermore many of these modified farm animals are born with or develop tumors over time. Now the have to fool around with our fish."
Learn more about the First FDA Approved GMO Fish
The Food and Drug Administration has just approved the first-ever genetically modified animal for human consumption. It is an Atlantic salmon that's engineered to grow much faster than regular salmon and require less food.
The genetically Salmon is called the "AquAdvantage salmon". This GMO fish has been in the making for several decades. In 2010, the FDA determined that this salmon was just as safe to eat as conventional salmon.
But as is common with GMO foods, controversy ensued. Environmental groups and food safety activists have argued that the modified fish could conceivably cause problems, like threatening local fish populations. An expert FDA panel disagreed, arguing that the fish was "highly unlikely to cause any significant effects on the environment."
The Salmon's create company named AquaBounty Technologies, have argued that their fish, which carries growth-enhancing genes from two other fish, will have all sorts of benefits. Because the salmon grows so quickly (in 18 to 24 months instead of the usual 30), it is cheaper to produce, and farms have less impact on the environment.

"The Salmon was perfectly fine the way it was, which is the way it has been ever since the beginning of time, or when the very first species of Salmon was created." James Matthew said.
"That being said, and realizing that many governments around the world, especially the US government will in no doubt continue to approve more and more GMO animals, and other foods. Since there is big money in using methods such a genetically engineering our food and crops, it will only keep getting more popular. Who knows what it is doing to us as humans or what it can do to us years later. Just like it took many decades of vaccines to find out years later that certain vaccines actually hurt us more than helps us." James Matthew said.
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Summary: James Matthew said, "First of all, I am a vegan. However if I were not a vegan and would eat meat and fish, I think it is total insanity to put anything like a GMO fish into one's body. Do not forget, as they say, we are what we eat."
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