Perth, WA — A strong housing market combined with record low interest rates make it an ideal time for new homeowners to buy their first home. It also represents an opportunity to own versus having to rent and saving thousands in the process.

Recent data from REIWA indicates that the overall median rent in Perth has increased to $470 per week during the March quarter. This represents an increase of 4.94% for the period. The rise in rental prices offer more of an incentive for those considering on making the jump towards homeownership.

A more affordable solution is available for those looking to buy their first property. Getting started has never been easier as FHOC makes the process seamless.

Honeymoon Promotion

First Home Owners Centre (FHOC) offers a Honeymoon promotion that is designed to help those new to the market to save even more on their first home. The promotion is based on a $350,000 house and land package at an interest rate of 4.94% over 30 years.

Those that qualify for this promotion effectively pay just $280 per week on their new home for the first year.

The standard repayment of $430 a week is then offset by a $150 per week payment for a 52 week period by FHOC. Funds are directly transferred into a nominated bank account via weekly electronic transfer. This promotion is extremely attractive for first time homebuyers as it allows for significant savings.

New homeowners that take advantage of this offer can save thousands of dollars compared to buying with other builders.

House and Land Packages

FHOC offers affordable house and land packages for sale north and south of the river in prime locations with numerous luxurious features at a cost effective price. These packages offer new homeowners a great deal of flexibility to choose the exact design they want including the interior fixtures. All aspects from design to construction are carefully managed throughout the process.

All homes are built with a strict quality control process with an emphasis on customer service that is second to none. Homeowners are encouraged to speak directly to a consultant from FHOC for more details regarding the Honeymoon promotion.

About First Home Owners Centre

FHOC is the First Home Owners division of HIA award winner Aveling Homes, one of Western Australia’s most quality focused building companies. What this means for you is that above all else, quality and affordability is what you can expect when you choose FHOC.

Visit the FHOC website at for more details about our services and available financing options for first time home buyers. Our financial experts work with you each step of the way to build the home of your dreams.

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