Perth, WA — With housing approvals up 2.2% in August alone, Perth’s housing market is in full recovery mode. In a robust housing market and with interest rates at record lows, buying property is attractive, but growth in housing prices means affordability is a concern for many Australians.

Western Australian home builder FHOC has now introduced a 1% deposit home loan to address the needs of first home buyers. Western Australians who previously couldn’t afford to buy a house can now realize the Australian Dream if they can afford to pay just 1% of the purchase price of their property.

Terms and conditions do apply as well with all financing.

No Deposit?

Other builders will turn buyers away if they don’t have the necessary savings, but FHOC’s experienced financing team will work with Western Australian home buyers who have a job and want to buy a home. FHOC understands paying rent and saving for a mortgage at the same time can be difficult and has developed a proven strategy and mentoring program to help Australians save up for their first property.

KeyStart Loans

Some Western Australians may be eligible for KeyStart Home Loans. A government-assisted lending program, KeyStart Home Loans require a low 2% initial deposit and waive costly Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Restrictions apply but FHOC’s experienced finance team will lead qualifying Western Australians through all the steps to receive KeyStart financing for the first property. Interest payments are capped at $50 per week during construction which helps clients maintain their rent payments whilst building.

House and Land Package Loans

A house and land package includes a home as well as vacant land on which it will be built. Starting from $305,000, FHOC offers affordable House and Land (H&L) packages across the Perth metro region. When home buyers buy an H&L package deal with FHOC, they’re offered a range of very competitive package loans as well.

FHOC offers 30 designs with a load of standard inclusions at a great price. The competitively priced bundled loans makes FHOC house and land packages even more of a true value.

Guarantor Loans

Guarantor Loans are another low or even no-deposit loan option for some Australians. With a guarantor loan, a parent or immediate family member can leverage equity in their own property to help a home buyer purchase their home.

A guarantor backed loan increases the borrowing power of the home buyer and can also reduce or eliminate the need for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). Guarantor loans come at risk for the guarantor, but can help potential home buyers buy their first home faster.

While other builders won’t work with buyers if they don’t have deposit, First Home Owners Centre understands the needs of first home buyers and is willing to sit down and work out a path to home ownership. Whether through it’s 1% deposit loans, KeyStart Financing, or other financing options such as guarantor loans, FHOC has the knowledge and experience to help Western Australians finance their first home.

About First Home Owners Centre

FHOC is the First Home Owners division of HIA award winner Aveling Homes, one of Western Australia’s most quality focused building companies. What this means for you is that above all else, quality and affordability is what you will experience when you choose FHOC.

Visit the FHOC website at for more details about our services and available financing options for first time home buyers.

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