Perth, WA — With new home loans at their highest level since March 2010, according to the Housing Industry of Australia , the property market is expanding, with lending up 1.7% in October. However, with expansion comes higher prices on established homes. Luckily for new home buyers, building property is one way to escape high prices on established property and make the home of their dreams.

Perth home builder First Home Owners Centre already offers a wide array of affordable home designs and now introduces 3 free options to make these property bargains an even better deal.

Stone Benchtops

Available in variety of colors and finishes, stone benchtops not only make a visually stunning centrepiece for the kitchen but are 100% functional. Easy to clean and robust, stone benchtops keep your kitchen looking great for years and add a luxury finish to a key part of the home.

Combined with Westinghouse appliances and tiled splashbacks, quality benchtops add class and utility to the home and are another reason why FHOC designs are not just affordable but high quality.

High Ceilings

Higher ceilings have traditionally been the domain of period homes or high end contemporary dwellings, but First Home Owners Centre now offers them as an option on their already affordable home designs. Higher ceilings allow better airflow and natural sunlight to enter the premises, giving key areas of the home a luxurious ambiance.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Compared to an independent unit, a central air conditioning system that distributes filtered air to all the rooms in the house is more difficult to install, but more effective and economical in the long run. Because of the added complexity and expense, it’s often a pricey exclusion, but FHOC includes it as one of 3 free options available on its designs.

Having ducted air means more efficient cooling and lower electric bills. Since airflow through the home is centralised, it becomes easy to install air filters to address allergy concerns. Noise levels are often lower as well since the air conditioning unit can be located away from living areas.


Unlike other first home builders, First Home Owners Centre believes in complete transparency. All home designs have detailed floorplans as well as lists of inclusions and exclusions, allowing new home buyers to see exactly what they are getting before they put their money down.

While other first home builders offer second rate properties with the most basic inclusions, First Home Owners Centre of Perth offers features on their home designs usually only available at luxury home prices. Because of FHOC’s partnership with Aveling Homes, it’s able to leverage volume buying power and key relationships for the benefit of new home buyers.

About First Home Owners Centre

FHOC is the First Home Owners division of HIA award winner Aveling Homes, one of Western Australia’s most quality focused building companies. What this means for you is that above all else, quality and affordability is what you will experience when you choose FHOC.

Visit the FHOC website at for more details about our services and available financing options for first time home buyers.

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