Orlando, FL— July 27, 2015 — For runners, it is essential that they maintain their overall health. Most of them follow specific diets to supply their bodies with the right nutrients they need. In addition to consuming healthy foods and beverages, there are many athletes who also take dietary supplements.

Fish oil and glucosamine are believed to be helpful for runners. Running is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health. However, for those who do it constantly and for a long period of time, they need to ensure that the activity does not increase their risk for certain medical conditions. Taking supplements, such as fish oil and glucosamine, is believed to be helpful for reducing the risk for the potential adverse effects of running.

The Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine published a study in 2013, and it revealed that supplements such as fish oil, which have anti-inflammatory effects, may potentially help reduce the type of soreness often experienced by runners. This condition is called delayed onset muscle soreness, and it usually happens when runners are training for long-distance runs.

“The pain is often caused by inflammation, and with the use of natural ingredients such as fish oil and glucosamine, runners have a better chance of improving their condition,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

According to the systematic review paper that was published on the PCOM Physician Assistant Studies Student Scholarship website, runners are more likely to suffer from arthritis. Taking glucosamine supplements may be an excellent way to delay the need of individuals, who are predisposed to arthritic conditions,  to receive knee joint replacements.

Fish oil is also believed to help improve the performance of runners by supplying more oxygen for the muscles. This is according to the review article that was published in February 2013 by “Nutrients”. The benefits offered by fish oil are believed to be due to its capacity to limit inflammation.

There are many herbal companies nowadays that are manufacturing and selling high quality fish oil and glucosamine supplements. When choosing fish oil supplements, it is best to choose a product that contains the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.

Experts suggest that those who want to choose glucosamine should ensure that they know exactly how to spot the right source. They should also choose glucosamine supplements that contain other natural ingredients such as MSM, chondroitin and turmeric. Supplements that contain a combination of natural ingredients are believed to have more therapeutic benefits (amazon.com/Glucosamine-Sulfate-Chondroitin-Supplement-Turmeric/dp/B00DUMO9X4/).

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