Italy; 20, October 2016: People who landed in foreign countries like Italy always have to rely on quality transport services to reach their preferred destinations within short period of time from airport. There are many travel agencies in Italy that offer top quality transport facilities to visitors directly from airports to other parts of the country. Fiumicino Express is one such agency that offers quality shuffle bus service to tourists who land in Fiumicino Airport of Italy. Its bus service normally covers leading cities of Italy that include Florence and Naples as well as Rome. The agency bears full responsibility to drop tourists in specific travel spots of these cities within fixed time period.

Visitors have the chance to book tickets online from its official website to fix the arrival and departure schedules in advance before landing in Italy. The travel bus of this agency comes with modern facilities to provide comfortable journey experience from airport. With this bus tourists can enjoy the experience of hassle-free transfer from Fiumicino airport to Naples with their belongings quite comfortably. The agency also arranges for convenient transfer from Fiumicino airport to Florencethrough its non-stop bus service. This bus comes with ergonomic chairs with more space between the seats for greater comfort. The agency always delivers its bus on fixed time to shuttle from Fiumicino to Naples. Inside its bus tourists can enjoy free Wi-Fi facility and can use the toilets to relieve themselves.

This bus allows tourists to bring up to 2 pieces of luggage with the maximum weight of 30 kg with one carry cargo hold. Travelers have to report at the designated point within 15 minutes before the start of the trip to transfer from Fiumicino to Florence at affordable price. The agency also takes absolute care of person with disabilities while offering them its professional bus service without any difficulty. People can enjoy stress free journey via its bus from Rome airport to Florence. The bus does not stop in the middle except towards the designated departure points.

Tourists who book the bus service of this agency also have the chance to enjoy a casual trip of the whole city. This agency is focused on providing quality transport services to tourists without charging any hidden costs. It thoroughly secures the privacy of the users during the time of online booking. It normally accepts payment through PayPal and other secured means of transportation.

About Fiumicino Express:

Fiumicino Express offers non-stop bus service to tourists from Fiumicino airport of Italy. Its bus is bundled with modern amenities like free Wi-Fi and toilets so as to provide comfort to tourists at suitable prices during the journey. For more information, tourists can visit the website of this agency.

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