Your friend is planning to get married and you want to arrange for a bachelorette party? There are many ways you can do this and you don’t even have to spend out of your limit. If you are genuinely interested in arranging for a fun party for your friend, there are people who can come up with the funniest bachelorette party ideas and they can also help you with the execution of these ideas. And if you really want to make your friend swoon and cry with delight, opt for a limo rental — the same company can help you with this too.


SLA, Starlight Luxury Transport Association provides clients with many more party-related services, which may seem unnecessary at first, but, when swamped with decisions, a limited budget and little time left for planning appear as a blessing. They can cater for quality food, for flower arrangements if there is a wedding being planned, photography services (videography even!), wedding services of all sorts, ticket services for events like concerts, costumes hire if the arty requires it, entertainment hire for parties, concerts, anniversaries and every event you have in mind. There is a very large number of professional people involved and waiting to be at your service: famous local and national bands, amazing singers, powerful vocalists, talented musicians, breath-taking dancers, funny actors, elegant models and captivating comedians. There is no Talent that you cannot find in the listings at StarBook, Starlight’s focus for Talent. They are in charge of recruiting entertainment for weddings, proms, graduations, state fairs, county fairs, local festivals, concerts, corporate parties, cruise ships and fashion events. Joining them as a Talent or associate is free of charge and so is using their directory listings. You only need to pay if you hire someone. Very convenient no?


If you search online for bachelorette party ideas there will be thousands of ideas to follow. Obviously, not every idea can be brought to fruition — you wouldn’t have so much time and you may not even have the kind of money for 15-20 ideas to be executed. You need an experienced partner who will listen to what you have in mind and then come up with solutions. For a practical approach on what can be done, browse SLA’s directories for both luxury transport and Entertainment.


Here are five bachelorette party ideas that are always successful. When you get in touch with an experienced agency, they will have more things to add to this list:

  1. To make things memorable, create a scrapbook where all the bride’s friends would add their photos (with the bride) and have something nice to say about her.
  2. During the party, give the bride a hot challenge — you can go mild by telling her to strike a conversation with a random guy or you can go the whole hog by challenging the bride to get a guy to hand his underwear to her.
  3. One or more of you could practice stripping or pole dancing and put on a show in front of the entire group.
  4. Have some exciting games as part of the party where everyone has to participate. The games can be fun to downright scandalous — it’s completely your take.
  5. One of the best bachelorette party ideas is to arrange part of the party on the move. This is where you can opt for limo rental.


Limo rental is offered by SLA which is top rated and reviewed as having the best limos on the market (a 14 passenger Wedding Limousine and a 19 passenger Super Stretch SUV Limo are two of its latest amazing aquisitions). Apart from providing you with a superb limo, the same company can also arrange for entertainment inside it (with StarBook) while the vehicle travels through the city. People can have drinks and listen to music inside the car and have an exquisite time.


The great part about limo rental is that you can have this arranged within your budget. As you window shop online and compare, you will find out that plenty of agencies have highly reasonable rates on limos. They are also willing to do some customization for you so that the party flavor is always on. These bachelorette party ideas (mentioned here) should pass with flying colors, especially the idea about limo rental. But find out more from Starlight and make the night really wild.


Bachelorette party ideas are not easy to turn into reality. While there are many out there on the web, you need time, money and resources to make things happen. Starlight can help with most of them though. Start your search for a limo rental and check the transport off your list. Then look at what is left and see what StarBook can help with. One by one, you will manage to sort out everything on time with a bit of help from SLA.