There are many great books out there that are based on the creation of artclay jewellery.

These helpful jewellery making books can help you to create some of the most beautiful jewellery designs and allow you to improve your skills and expand your creativity levels. These books can help to turn even the most basic jewellery maker who works with artclay into a pro - that will be able to make beautiful creations to sell for a profit. The knowledge gained from these highly influential books can also be used by a jewellery maker to improve their craft.

Here are a few books that you may want to check out to help improve your knowledge and skills when it comes to working on artclay jewellery projects.

Jewellery Making - a Complete Course for Beginners (Jinks McGrath): This book is very practical, providing a wealth of expert advice when it comes to creating beautiful designs.

It provides you with a comprehensive course in creating beautiful jewellery pieces. It will give you easy-to-understand instructions, as well as detailed photographs that will help to demonstrate all of the techniques that you can use - including casting your artclay projects, and setting up your workbench for your projects.

There is also information on how to polish and finish your items. This book is available in hardback format and is 144 pages long.

Silver Wire Jewellery by Irene Peterson: Another excellent how-to book that is absolutely essential when it comes to creating fashionable jewellery. This book will show you how to coil and twist silver artclay jewellery as well as provide you with many other creative techniques that you may use.

By using this book you will be able to create various types of silver jewellery for your own personal collection including silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings - that can take on any number of beautiful shapes.

There are 99 projects - some of which include the use of artclay - featured in this book in all and each comes complete with illustrated instructions, coloured photographs and helpful diagrams. This book will display to you why creating wire jewellery has become such a popular skill - that has been taken on by many other people.

A few other books that you may want to check out include At the Bench by Gregg Todd and Greg Gilman, Workbench Guide to Jewellery Techniques by Anastasia Young and Start Making Jewellery by Nicola Hurst.
At the Bench teaches you how to save time whilst boosting your income when you are repairing silver and gold jewellery. This can be very helpful for when you're creating your items. This book features in excess of 200 photographs and it also offers clear and concise instructions for you to follow on repairing chains and changing the size of rings, as well as setting stones in artclay jewellery and re-tipping prongs.