Greece is one of the fastest growing property markets in Europe. The economic depression may have reduced the prices of properties. But the growing demand for properties for sale in Greece clearly shows that the growth of the industry is somewhat inversely proportional with the overall economic growth of the country. Many economists hope that Greece will soon come out of the great economic depression that has stunted the growth of the country for the past six years and running. Therefore, investing now in Greek properties can prove to be a wise decision in the near future. If you are raring to search and buy properties in this particular country, here below are some tips for you.


1. Compare properties

For property buyers and investors, this should be a basic mantra. Properties for sale may have been listed by several agents and the prices are not always the same. Therefore, you ought to do your research to find the best price quotes. Keep in mind that the Greek properties market is fiercely competitive and every second agent is trying to beat the average market price. You could be the gainer in the long run if you do your own research extensively.


2. Location of the property

It does not matter whether you have plans to settle in Greece in the future or you are just buying a property for reselling it when the prices will shoot up again, you need to consider the location of the property. There’s no point making a hole in your pocket for buying a picturesque villa in an outback location, unless you have some secluded fascination to live in such a place. If it’s your next relocation address, you have to think about the convenience factors. If it’s for reselling, the same rule applies. Also consider the fact that you have to pay thousands of Euros for utility connections if you buy a property in a remote part of the country.


3. Property with a view

Many people who look for properties for sale in Greece actually look for properties with cinematic view. In fact, view from the properties is a great determinant of their prices. Therefore, location is not only important. Whether you can enjoy an unobstructed view from your property must be taken into consideration. The entire Greece is a mountainous region. Hence, properties sited on high grounds can offer the inhabitants with great panoramic view.


4. The Legal Part

Appointing a lawyer is a must for completing the process of buying a property in Greece in a hassle-free manner. The paperwork part of the purchasing job is extremely complicated and if you are a foreign national, you may face some real trouble in purchasing and acquiring a property in Greece.


5. The Construction and Renovation Rules

You need to comply with the pertinent regulations for constructing a new home or making renovations or extensions to your existing property. Consult with a real estate agent to know if you need an architect for planning and structural designing. Bear in mind that if your property is not constructed/renovated in compliance with the laws of the country, you may not be able to resell it in the future.

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